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Reformed NPQs

After over 15 years’ proud delivery of the National Professional Qualifications Framework, Leadership East is equally proud to now be supporting delivery of the Church of England/Catholic Education Service NPQs via local teaching school hubs in the Eastern region. We thank all colleagues and participants for your support for Leadership East – past, present and exciting future. Click here to find out more.

Yes. Teachers and leaders who have previously undertaken an NPQ will be eligible for funding on the reformed suite (2021/22 cohorts only), subject to meeting the scholarship criteriThis includes all those who have previously deferred, withdrawn from or failed an NPQ prior to 2021 (including, but not limited to, the legacy 2017 suite). Participants wishing to apply for future cohorts will be subject to future funding criteria.

Yes. Teachers and leaders who have previously received scholarship funding for 2017 NPQs will be eligible for funding on the reformed suite (2021/22 cohorts), subject to meeting the 2021/22 scholarship criteria.

Our expectation is that the majority of legacy participants would opt to take a higher-level qualification under the reformed suite, in line with their career progression. However, legacy participants will not be excluded from taking a 2021 NPQ at an equivalent level to their previous NPHowever, a participant who fails or withdraws from a 2021 NPQ will not be eligible for scholarship-funded access to the same 2021 NPQ.

Example 1: A teacher who completes a scholarship-funded Middle Leadership NPQ from the 2017 suite would be eligible for a scholarship-funded Specialist NPQ from the 2021 suite (subject to meeting 2021/22 scholarship criteria).

Example 2: A teacher who fails or withdraws from a Specialist NPQ in Leading Teacher Development would be eligible for scholarship funding to take a different Specialist NPQ, such as Leading Teaching.

Participants on the legacy (2017) suite should be aware that they have until 31 August 2022 to complete their NPQ course. This includes submitting work for assessment and moderation. Participants on the legacy (2017) suite who are at risk of non-completion by August 2022 should, in the first instance, contact their provider to discuss the support available to enable them to complete. The reformed (2021) NPQs have been designed to be substantially different from the 2017 suite, therefore legacy participants will not have the opportunity to transfer partially completed training to a qualification under the new suite. Participants who are unable to complete their qualifications under the legacy (2017) suite will be required to reapply for and restart the new training.

The new suite of NPQs is designed to provide training and support for teachers and leaders at all levels and through the entirety of a teacher’s career. Teachers are permitted to take more than one leadership NPQ to support their career progression, for example if they move to a more senior role. We would expect teachers to have successfully completed their NPQ before undertaking a further NPQ.

Teachers can take more than one specialist NPQ, for example if they move to a different role at the same level, but we would recommend that they review the frameworks to help inform their choice. We would expect teachers to have the backing of their school leader(s) when applying for these qualifications.


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