Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the curriculum work?

The leadership curriculum is structured around four levels that reflect the different stages in a leader’s professional development and career:
  • Level 1: leading a team within an organisation*
  • Level 2: leading or aspiring to lead across an organisation**
  • Level 3: leading or aspiring to lead an organisation
  • Level 4: leading or aspiring to lead across more than one organisation
* focusing mainly on middle leaders
** focusing mainly on senior leaders
Each of the first three levels offers a professional qualification that will provide national recognition of your leadership development and achievement. The qualifications have a structure that combine core elements with the freedom to specialise or develop your own professional areas of interest.
In addition to offering a more flexible qualification route, the curriculum also gives you the option to study some learning areas on their own. That means you’ll be able to choose the development that makes the biggest difference to you, whether you want to focus on one aspect of leadership in your current role, or acquire the skills and recognition to take the next step in your career.

Can I undertake individual learning areas without registering for the full qualification?

The reformed NPQs’ structure does not make this possible. The content areas are woven through each of the delivery sessions and do not stand separately. However, it is possible to purchase access to elements of our online library of resources without registering for a full NPQ, depending on your area of interest.

How do the learning areas work?

There is a wide range of learning areas and additional resources in our online library, all of which are compliant with the content areas and leadership behaviours.  All programme learning resources focus on improving the effectiveness of your leadership practice. All of our content is delivered through “blended learning”, which typically consists of workplace learning and practice activities, face to face learning, including peer and facilitated learning and reading, reflection and online learning.

What is Leadership East’s Complaints Policy?

Full details of our Complaints Handling Policy can be downloaded here.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have any further queries about the National College Leadership Curriculum, or Leadership East, you can call us on 01223 491690 or e-mail