Continuing Professional Development
(Non-accredited training)

Leadership East is adding to our portfolio of training and development to support school leaders even further. Please keep checking this webpage for updates. Currently in development are:

  • Becoming an Outstanding Pastoral Leader
  • Primary Deputy/Assistant Headteacher Induction Programme
  • Establishing a culture of coaching conversations
  • Teachers and TAs working together
  • Getting started as a new subject leader
  • Getting started as a new SENCO

All of these courses can also be offered as a tailored package for individual schools, MATs or other collaborations.

Whether you need to identify your areas of strengths and others which you need to develop, or whether you are a school leader who wishes to develop your team, we provide both standard and bespoke 360 diagnostics with accompanying coaching to guide you.  For example, one of the standard 360 diagnostics (Heads Up*) uses questions mapped against the new Headteacher standards, while a bespoke diagnostic will be designed in consultation with you to make sure that the diagnostic is explore the most useful areas for your needs.

*As a school leader you face unprecedented scrutiny of your work. We know that leaders make the difference in schools, and that weak or undeveloped leadership can undermine all of the good work that takes place.

Heads Up is our 360° diagnostic tool built to measure and improve the standard of leadership within schools. The diagnostic monitors leadership from both your perspective and that of your colleagues across multiple leadership domains (see below) and provides a report. The report provides a clear structure for continual reflection and improvement, meaning that you can lead with confidence and encourage increased openness in communications amongst your team. Find out more about Heads Up below or click the Purchase button at the bottom of the page to get started.

Find out more about Heads Up
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