Heads Up

As a school leader you face unprecedented scrutiny of your work. Ofsted tell us that leaders make the difference in schools, and that poor leadership can undermine all of the good work that takes place. In fact, the lack of effective school leadership is blamed for the latest decline in secondary standards, where 170,000 children are currently being taught in schools judged to be inadequate.
Heads Up is our 360° diagnostic tool built to measure and improve the standard of leadership within schools. The diagnostic monitors leadership from both your perspective and that of your colleagues across 9 areas (see below) and provides a report. The report provides a clear structure for continual reflection and improvement, meaning that you can approach Ofsted inspections with confidence and encourage increased openness in communications amongst your team. Find out more about Heads Up below, or click the Purchase button at the bottom of the page to get started.
Heads Up explores your effectiveness across 9 recurring leadership areas:
  • Creating the culture and climate for success;
  • Effective Communication;
  • Empowering and Developing Others;
  • Holding People Accountable;
  • Managing Resources;
  • Personal Intellectual Capacity;
  • Purposeful Leadership;
  • Relating to the Wider Community;
  • Self-awareness.
Your first step after purchasing Heads Up is to complete an online questionnaire collating a view of yourself and your leadership skills. After you have completed the questionnaire then you will nominate 4-8 colleagues who will then answer the same questions about your leadership. Once all of your colleagues have completed the questionnaire, we generate a report containing analysis of your personal leadership strengths and areas for development. You can then objectively compare this, anonymously, against reports of other leaders from your sector, and discuss it with professional or governor colleagues.
After you have reflected on the reported outcome of your initial diagnostic, you may be interested in working on your areas for development. This will allow you to identify and address steps to maximise improvement and move your personal leadership ability to the next level. This additional service includes:
  • A telephone coaching session;
  • Coaching by a highly trained and experienced leadership specialist and a personalised written summary highlighting the issues and priorities identified;
  • A road map for the next stage of your leadership development.
Heads Up is designed to fit around your schedule. It can take from as little as an hour to complete, but has been designed to work around your commitments. You can even save your progress and come back at a later time.
  • A clear picture of where you’re at as a leader, which can then be evidenced in your performance review.
  • Heads Up allows you to identify future goals for professional development, in a way that is designed to fit around your schedule. You are able to review leadership performance in any location, at any time, in a way that is fast, convenient, accessible, cost-effective and insightful.
  • Enables you to identify future goals for professional development.
  • Improved leadership will have an impact across your organisation. Not only will your own skills be developed, but you will be able to empower and develop others to improve leadership across the organisation.
  • A cohesive team. 360° diagnostics promote open communication amongst colleagues.
  • Increased effective communication within the organisation.


The 360° diagnostic tool and report are available for just £199.
Combine this with the follow-on coaching and summative report for just £349 when booked as a package (follow-on coaching is available for £249 if booked separately)
Leadership performance review is critical across all levels of leadership, and with this in mind we have developed a range of group discounts for the diagnostic and report to suit schools of any size, consortia, federations etc. Please contact us for further information.

How to purchase

Please click below to purchase Heads Up. Once you have completed the form you will be provided with instructions on how to access the diagnostic by a member of our School Leadership team.

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