The Primary Deputy and Assistant Headteacher Induction Programme is ideal if you are a Deputy or Assistant Headteacher in your first or second year of senior leadership in a primary setting. This formal induction process for those who are new to Deputy or Assistant Headship, supports your leadership development within the context of your school, and the drive for continuous school improvement.


Day 1 – Becoming an effective leader:
  • Developing your school culture
  • What type of leader are you?
  • The characteristics of effective leaders
Day 2 – Working with your teams:
  • How senior teams work together
  • The roles and responsibilities of senior leadership
  • How you can build effective teams
Day 3 – How good is my school and how can we improve?
  • How to determine how good your school is and help you identify this at the current time
  • Input on school self-evaluation, driving school improvement and ‘simplexity’ planning
  • Looking at the national self-improving schools agenda

Benefit to You

  • Develop and deepen your leadership skills and capacity.
  • You can become an effective and reflective leader.
  • You can support your schools’ improvement agenda through developing your own leadership skills.
  • Increase your confidence to help you achieve positive results across a range of priorities and tasks.
  • Deepen your understanding of the characteristics of effective leaders, and their own leadership traits, while studying a range of leadership styles, discussing how to develop and best utilise these.

Benefit to your Organisation

  • Staff leadership skills are a vital addition to a schools’ improvement agenda.
  • Development of school culture.
  • Development of effective teams within the school.